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Program Your Remote

Searching for your device code? If your home entertainment device does not respond to your remote, try searching for your product codes.


To search for your code:
1. Power on the device and on the remote control, press the desired device key (TV,STS, AUX) once. Then press and hold "SETUP" until the device key blinks twice, and then release "SETUP."
2. Press the "POWER" key once and aim your new remote at the device.
3. Press either "CHANNEL UP" key or "CHANNEL DOWN" key to do device auto-scan.
4. In this search mode, the remote control will send IR codes from the library in 5 second intervals. The device key will be on and blink every 5 seconds while in the device scan mode.
5. If the device turns off, a working code has been found. Press "OK" once to lock in the code. The selected mode key will blink twice.
6. If all code sets of that device are exhausted in the search and the "OK" is not pressed, the selected device key will blink 7 times and the search mode will be terminated.
Congratulations! You've programmed your remote control!


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